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Skvortsova (Klimova) Ekaterina Sergeevna, Applicant, Kemerovo State University (6 Krasnaya street, Kemerovo, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The present article makes an attempt to examine separate parts of life of Kemerovo deanery of the Novosibirsk and Barnaul diocese, which developed under conditions of increased atheistic propaganda in the USSR in 1949–1963.
Materials and methods. Based on the materials of the state archives studied, the author examined the main administrative measures of the authorities’ influence on the Orthodox religious organizations of Kemerovo Region. The article contains data on the closure and removal from the registration of churches and prayer houses, on the restriction of ritual activity, on the interference of the authorities in organizational and managerial activities; it shows the confrontation between the clergy and faithful population of the region and the local organs of the Soviet government in defending their interests.
Results. The article analyzes the main directions of prohibitive and restrictive measures against the Russian Orthodox Church at the All-Union level. Using the example of the Kemerovo Region, a special situation is analyzed when government bodies attempted to liquidate five communities of the Russian Orthodox Church within one year. Generally, the authorities presented complaints to the parishes due to the unsatisfactory technical condition of the churches and did not recognize the property rights of the community to the religious building. It is established that the claims of state authorities were merely formal, and rude administrative measures restricting religious life contradicted the Soviet legislation.
Conclusions. The author focuses on the duality and inconsistency of the state religious policy, which led to certain setbacks in the anti-religious struggle. 

Key words

Russian Orthodox Church, Kemerovo region, orthodox communities, religious policy, administration, local authorities 


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